Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to choosing doctors in Mexico. In fact, ignorance can be dangerous to your health. “Common knowledge” among the expat community is that private doctors are the best doctors in Mexico. But, in fact, public hospital doctors are generally the best trained and most likely to be up-to-date on the latest…

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Wesley Fink

Wes and husband Ron searched for many years for the perfect place to retire. They had narrowed their search to the south of Spain, the Canary Islands, and the coast of Argentina, when a friend in Canada mentioned Lake Chapala, a place unknown to them. After a lot of research, they came to Chapala in 2009 and bought a house 3 days after arriving. Retirement and relocation finally arrived in late 2011. With careers in sales and marketing management, real estate investing, general contracting, network engineering, international computer servicing, starting a website bleedinedge.com with friends in the UK, and finally 8 years as senior editor for Anandtech.com, the world’s largest computer review site, Wes could be rightly called a Renaissance man.