Everything you Need to Know About Subscriptions

Would you like to be part of a Lake Chapala community that wants accurate information about living here, unaffected by big money local advertisers? Lake Chapala Reporter subscribers value the timely and locally critical information only this online publication provides. I bring you well-researched articles comparing healthcare services, insurance, dentists, costs of living, crime, and utilities. I also publish the latest information about immigration, foreign vehicles, scams, real estate, taxes, changing laws, and everything you need to make informed decisions. No other publication provides this kind of information. And I provide it all in a timely manner, publishing it as soon as it happens. Unlike print publications, the articles are always available to you online, so you can refer to them whenever you need information.

IMPORTANT NOTE AS OF MAY 14, 2016: The Lake Chapala Reporter has suspended all new articles for the foreseeable future due to lack of time and resources. What you will be getting when you subscribe is a library of articles spanning 3-1/2 years, covering all important aspects of living at Lake Chapala, including immigration and vehicle laws, health insurance and medical care options, real estate and rental information, and a host of other categories of information.


Both plans give you access to exactly the same informative articles. The only difference between the two plans is how you would like to pay for your subscription.

Monthly Subscription Plan

When you sign up for the monthly payment plan, you will be charged $2 USD every month on your credit/debt card or PayPal account until you cancel your membership. It will be a monthly recurring charge, but you can cancel it at any time. This might be a good choice if you reside in the Lake Chapala area part time. You can cancel your subscription when you leave,and then re-subscribe when you come back.

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Annual Subscription Plan

When you sign up for the annual payment plan, you will be charged $25 USD once on your credit/debt card or PayPal account. There will be no recurring charge, not even after the year is up. This is the best choice if you reside in the Lake Chapala area full time. When the subscription expires, simply re-subscribe to either of the two plans.

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Alternatively, you can sign up and pay in person for this plan using cash or your credit card at the Su Casa (bed, bath, home) store in Plaza Bugambilias in Ajijic. The price will be the current peso equivalent of $25USD.