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Las Minas: A Shame

Despite a welcoming sign at the bottom of the Las Minas development site on the Libramiento across from the El Dorado condo and villa community, there’s nobody home. After carving out deep gashes into the mountain about five years ago, the developers still have an eye-sore that keeps on being an eye-sore. In an interview… Keep Reading

Renting-Real Estate

The Trend Continues: Another New Hotel

Only a month old, the 4-story SR Hotel & Suites rises above the embankment on the Carretera near Chapala Haciendas 2 and 3. Its location is prime for scooping up tapatios on their way south from Guadalajara on the weekends, and casual visitors from the airport.   In what could well turn out to be… Keep Reading

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Broker Justus Hauser: Update on Real Estate

Lake Chapala Reporter: You were the broker who reported the price fixing scheme among most of the Lake Chapala real estate agencies to the government some years ago. That resulted in the 2015 federal convictions of the agencies and individuals with huge fines. Two years later, has the real estate community changed its ways? Justus… Keep Reading

Renting-Real Estate

Our Changing Skyline

In early 2015, Grupo Naimar, a real estate development company in Guadalajara, proposed an ambitious and complex project in Chapala called LakeCity. The concept was designed to meet the needs of an affluent Guadalajaran and North American retirement population. The complex would include over 2,000 condos in 5 towers, surrounded by a range of services… Keep Reading

Renting-Real Estate

Dear Lisa: Downsides of Renting

Your book, Moving to Mexico’s Lake Chapala, advises people to rent 3 – 6 months before buying a house. But I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about renting here. What are the downsides?                                                                                – Curious Dear Curious, It all depends on who owns and manages the property, of course. But there are some… Keep Reading

Renting-Real Estate

Another Despicable Real Estate Practice

Most people who are interested in buying and selling real estate at Lake Chapala are familiar with the monthly magazine Point South. It consists only of real estate ads. Space is purchased by the various real estate agencies in the area to showcase their listings. The cover is a big ad, too. It’s the premium… Keep Reading

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