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Medical Evacuation Services Compared

If you’re a senior expat from the US or Canada, a medical evacuation plan could be your catastrophic health plan. And it costs less than a typical Mexican private health plan’s deductible. Although many Guadalajara medical facilities and staff are world-class, and the cost of health care is much lower than it is north of… Keep Reading

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Requirements for Bringing Medical Supplies, Equipment, and Drugs into Mexico

When flying or driving into Mexico, travelers are allowed to bring in certain medications, but others are prohibited. It is illegal, for example, to bring in certain common over-the-counter medicines, such as inhalers and some some allergy/sinus medications. Products that contain stimulants are prohibited, specifically medicines that contain pseudoephedrine (such as Actifed, Sudafed, and Vicks inhalers)… Keep Reading

Ignorance Can Be Dangerous To Your Health

Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to choosing doctors in Mexico. In fact, ignorance can be dangerous to your health. “Common knowledge” among the expat community is that private doctors are the best doctors in Mexico. But, in fact, public hospital doctors are generally the best trained and most likely to be up-to-date on the latest… Keep Reading

Medical Care

Medical Tourism in Mexico Costing Canada Plenty

Millions of taxpayer dollars are being spent in Canada repairing botched stomach-shrinking surgeries performed outside the country, suggests new research into the growing phenomenon of bariatric medical tourism. Researchers who surveyed Alberta surgeons estimate that that province alone is spending a minimum of $560,000 annually treating complications in people who have traveled to Mexico and other… Keep Reading

Medical Care

Zika Virus: World Health Organization Declares Public Health Emergency

Up until now, most reports regarding the Zika virus have indicated that the mosquito-borne virus causes fairly mild flu-like symptoms and conjunctivitis and rash. But some very disturbing trends are emerging that point to serious congenital defects, like microcephaly (small head). Some health experts are saying that the Zika virus could be even more dangerous… Keep Reading

Medical Care

Jalisco Secretary of Health Warns of Venomous Bear Caterpillar

Agustin Jaime Gonzalez Alvarez, Jalisco Secretary of Health, alerted Jalisco this week of the presence of a venomous caterpillar called the La Oruga de Peluche (Latin name Megalopyge Opercularis). There have been two cases of people being injured by the caterpillar reported by Cruz Roja in Guadalajara, and a suspected caterpillar has been found in… Keep Reading

Correction: CURP Numbers Are OPTIONAL On All Prescriptions

Local attorney Spencer McMullen today confirmed that CURP numbers are not required for any prescription, regardless of the immigration status of the patient. The confirmation came as a result of McMullen speaking directly with representatives of COFEPRIS (The Mexican equivalent of the FDA). The CURP field is listed as OPTIONAL on the doctors’ online prescription… Keep Reading

No CURP Number? No Prescription.

The Mexican Government now tracks prescriptions with a new national computer database system. In order to track people, they have started requiring that prescriptions for controlled pain medications, like barbituates and opiates, must include the patient’s CURP number. This presents significant problems for people with tourist cards in Mexico because they have no CURP numbers.… Keep Reading

Medical Care

A Tour of Hospital Ajijic

HospitalIt used to be called Clinica Ajijic, and it used to be blue on the outside instead of the current white. Meriza Flores, a medical engineer, has overseen these changes, large and small.

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Medical Care

Alcoholics at Lake Chapala

alcoholic2This doesn't mean you. You can quit any time. You just like the taste, a little buzz. It’s just something to do, and all your friends have fun when you’re all drinking. Plus, you don’t do it all the time.

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