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Traveling the Highway of Death

Our first travel on Mexico Highway 101 was shortly after buying our home in Chapala. The Chapala to San Luis Potosi to Brownsville, Texas trip was memorable for the beauty of the treacherous mountain highways and the magnificent countryside—but, most of all, for our first encounter with the Zeta drug cartel. Two truckloads of “federales”… Keep Reading

Adventures/Expat Stories

The Bad Expat Award Goes to: Niños Incapacitados

I drive my dogs from Ajijic to Chapala’s beautiful Cristinia Park almost every Sunday. The dogs run around and socialize with the locals there: kids being taught by their parents to ride their bikes on the smooth pavement, and entire extended families playing ball and having their Sunday picnic together. I greet the same families… Keep Reading


Yes, It’s Confusing: Applying for Residence Visas

I head into the consulate to file my paperwork for a residence visa in Mexico, part of my now-arrived long-term plan. The consulate is located conveniently around the corner from my condo in downtown San Diego, but that doesn’t seem to help. When things go differently than planned in Mexico, one says “It’s Mexico.” But… Keep Reading


Why We Chose Lake Chapala

In 2000, we suddenly realized we had some big decisions on the horizon regarding our future. It was just 12 years until official retirement age, and there had been woefully inadequate planning for retirement. The good news was we finally realized we had to make some decisions about retirement, but, like most US couples, a… Keep Reading

Rebecca Roth

US Expat Wrongly Jailed 4 Years Now Gives Back

Rebecca Roth made the mistake of managing expenses for the properties of a rich Canadian man living in Puerto Vallarta. She worked for him for about 3-1/2 months in 2001, standing in line to pay telephone and cable bills for his eleven houses. Five years later, she found herself in the women’s prison Reclusorio Feminil… Keep Reading

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