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Fire TV Stick & Kodi – The Best Media in Mexico

As a long-time movie fan (my brother is movie producer/director/writer Kim Jorgensen), I have been searching for the perfect media mix at Lake Chapala. I can now confidently say that I’ve found it. Cancel your Netflix and Amazon Prime accounts ($100 USD per year), and turn in your cable and satellite equipment. All you need… Keep Reading

How to Maximize Internet Speed

The topic of internet speeds at Lake Chapala is as common in conversations as the weather is during the rainy season. And most of the conversations end in the same way: resignation to the powers that be. TelMex Here, the primary power is TelMex, the near-monopolistic landline and internet provider owned by Carlos Slim. TelMex… Keep Reading


Lower Propane Gas Prices Likely in 2016

It’s not often that utility prices actually go down, so the news that liquid petroleum gas (LPG) prices may well be reduced in 2016 comes as a pleasant surprise. New import rules taking effect on January, 1, 2016 are the cause. For the first time ever, private Mexican companies will be able to import gas… Keep Reading

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How to Avoid Cell Phone Re-Charge Scams

Many north-of-the-border expats are pleasantly surprised to find that they don’t need to enter into long-term cell phone contracts here. Almost everyone pays for cell phone call minutes and texting on a short-term basis, paying a few hundred pesos at a time. A limited opportunity for scamming, you say? No, there’s a way, and it’s… Keep Reading

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Telmex: No Long Distance Charges WORLDWIDE

TelmexThe new Mexican federal telecommunications law, effective January 1, 2015, eliminated long distance charges for calls to and from anywhere within Mexico. But now Telmex, the largest fixed-line telecommunications company in Mexico, has upped the ante­­­­­­­­ to eliminate long distance charges worldwide—under certain conditions.

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Which TV Service is Best for You?

TVOne of the first things people do after moving to Lakeside is choose a television service provider. For most people, there is something particular they want to have access to. It may be news, sports, movies, or sitcoms. There are good service options for all of those here, but they all have pros and cons, as described below.

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What’s on TV?

Lakeside residents have an array of choices for watching English language TV programming. In addition to the cable and satellite services for TV sets, there’s a variety of video-on-demand services on the internet for computers. However, those services often disappoint north-of-the-border expats because Mexico changes the viewing content for Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, and… Keep Reading


Where’s the Best Place for Computer Repairs and Services?

I was in the corporate information technology field for over 40 years. I started programming in 1967—back in the early punched-card days before colleges had a single computer science course, and long before women became interested in the field. My dad was an early, self-taught computer wiz, and he taught me FORTRAN (an early scientific… Keep Reading


When is it Worthwhile to Convert to Solar Energy?

The cost of solar energy technology has declined in recent years, while the cost of electricity has risen. That has made people increasingly interested in the new technology. In fact, the Lake Chapala area has become the solar energy capital of Mexico, according to local solar energy provider eSun Energy. Keep Reading

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