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New CFE Impostor Scam

Local attorney Spencer McMullen today related a scam involving impostor CFE staff. “I got a call yesterday that a woman from CFE (electric company) was at a client’s home with the police, and they were threatening to shut off their power in Chula Vista. They said that they needed an immediate payment of $40,000 pesos… Keep Reading


Jalisco Technology Companies Electrify at US Consumer Electronics Show

Entrepreneurship is alive and well in Jalisco, as evidenced by the strong showing of twenty cutting edge technology companies from Jalisco at this month’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, up from only three Jalisco technology companies last year. The showing was such a success that Jalisco’s Secretary of Innovation, Science, and Technology, Jaime… Keep Reading

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False Alerts on iPhone Being Used to Steal Passwords

Although Apple’s iOS software (used by iPhone and iPad) has excellent features, it’s not as safe as we think. A mobile application developer discovered that it is very easy to recreate the login windows of iTunes or App Store in order to trick users, and have them give up their email addresses and passwords. A… Keep Reading

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Black Monday: Two Severe Wi-Fi Security Alerts Released

Today is being called Black Monday in many information security circles. There have been two major Wi-Fi vulnerabilities announced that affect every device that supports Wi-Fi. The vulnerability allows attackers to decrypt WPA2 connections. The first Wi-Fi vulnerability is being called “KRACK,” which is short for Key Reinstallation Attacks. What follows is an explanation in… Keep Reading


Fire TV Stick & Kodi – The Best Media in Mexico

As a long-time movie fan (my brother is movie producer/director/writer Kim Jorgensen), I have been searching for the perfect media mix at Lake Chapala. I can now confidently say that I’ve found it. Cancel your Netflix and Amazon Prime accounts ($100 USD per year), and turn in your cable and satellite equipment. All you need… Keep Reading

How to Maximize Internet Speed

The topic of internet speeds at Lake Chapala is as common in conversations as the weather is during the rainy season. And most of the conversations end in the same way: resignation to the powers that be. TelMex Here, the primary power is TelMex, the near-monopolistic landline and internet provider owned by Carlos Slim. TelMex… Keep Reading


Lower Propane Gas Prices Likely in 2016

It’s not often that utility prices actually go down, so the news that liquid petroleum gas (LPG) prices may well be reduced in 2016 comes as a pleasant surprise. New import rules taking effect on January, 1, 2016 are the cause. For the first time ever, private Mexican companies will be able to import gas… Keep Reading

Phones-Cell Phones

How to Avoid Cell Phone Re-Charge Scams

Many north-of-the-border expats are pleasantly surprised to find that they don’t need to enter into long-term cell phone contracts here. Almost everyone pays for cell phone call minutes and texting on a short-term basis, paying a few hundred pesos at a time. A limited opportunity for scamming, you say? No, there’s a way, and it’s… Keep Reading

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