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Jalisco Technology Companies Electrify at US Consumer Electronics Show

Entrepreneurship is alive and well in Jalisco, as evidenced by the strong showing of twenty cutting edge technology companies from Jalisco at this month’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, up from only three Jalisco technology companies last year. The showing was such a success that Jalisco’s Secretary of Innovation, Science, and Technology, Jaime… Keep Reading

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Black Monday: Two Severe Wi-Fi Security Alerts Released

Today is being called Black Monday in many information security circles. There have been two major Wi-Fi vulnerabilities announced that affect every device that supports Wi-Fi. The vulnerability allows attackers to decrypt WPA2 connections. The first Wi-Fi vulnerability is being called “KRACK,” which is short for Key Reinstallation Attacks. What follows is an explanation in… Keep Reading

How to Maximize Internet Speed

The topic of internet speeds at Lake Chapala is as common in conversations as the weather is during the rainy season. And most of the conversations end in the same way: resignation to the powers that be. TelMex Here, the primary power is TelMex, the near-monopolistic landline and internet provider owned by Carlos Slim. TelMex… Keep Reading


Where’s the Best Place for Computer Repairs and Services?

I was in the corporate information technology field for over 40 years. I started programming in 1967—back in the early punched-card days before colleges had a single computer science course, and long before women became interested in the field. My dad was an early, self-taught computer wiz, and he taught me FORTRAN (an early scientific… Keep Reading

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