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New CFE Impostor Scam

Local attorney Spencer McMullen today related a scam involving impostor CFE staff. “I got a call yesterday that a woman from CFE (electric company) was at a client’s home with the police, and they were threatening to shut off their power in Chula Vista. They said that they needed an immediate payment of $40,000 pesos… Keep Reading


When is it Worthwhile to Convert to Solar Energy?

The cost of solar energy technology has declined in recent years, while the cost of electricity has risen. That has made people increasingly interested in the new technology. In fact, the Lake Chapala area has become the solar energy capital of Mexico, according to local solar energy provider eSun Energy. Keep Reading


All About CFE’s Electricity Rates

The CFE (Comisión Federal de Electricidad) is a government-owned utility, and sends an electric bill every two months to either you or your landlord.  The amount charged is based on how much you use according to your house’s electric meter readings. There are three rate levels for home use (doméstico). Keep Reading

Electric Plug

Mexico Has Higher Voltage Than US and Canada

While Mexico uses the same electric wall plug configuration used north of the border, Mexico uses 127 volt electricity (sometimes surging to the 140’s) rather than the standard 120 volts used in the US and Canada. I’ve been advised by my electrician not to use the High setting on my hairdryer because the increased volts… Keep Reading

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