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Phones-Cell Phones

How to Avoid Cell Phone Re-Charge Scams

Many north-of-the-border expats are pleasantly surprised to find that they don’t need to enter into long-term cell phone contracts here. Almost everyone pays for cell phone call minutes and texting on a short-term basis, paying a few hundred pesos at a time. A limited opportunity for scamming, you say? No, there’s a way, and it’s… Keep Reading

Phones-Cell Phones

Telmex: No Long Distance Charges WORLDWIDE

TelmexThe new Mexican federal telecommunications law, effective January 1, 2015, eliminated long distance charges for calls to and from anywhere within Mexico. But now Telmex, the largest fixed-line telecommunications company in Mexico, has upped the ante­­­­­­­­ to eliminate long distance charges worldwide—under certain conditions.

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