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Correction: CURP Numbers Are OPTIONAL On All Prescriptions

Local attorney Spencer McMullen today confirmed that CURP numbers are not required for any prescription, regardless of the immigration status of the patient. The confirmation came as a result of McMullen speaking directly with representatives of COFEPRIS (The Mexican equivalent of the FDA). The CURP field is listed as OPTIONAL on the doctors’ online prescription… Keep Reading

No CURP Number? No Prescription.

The Mexican Government now tracks prescriptions with a new national computer database system. In order to track people, they have started requiring that prescriptions for controlled pain medications, like barbituates and opiates, must include the patient’s CURP number. This presents significant problems for people with tourist cards in Mexico because they have no CURP numbers.… Keep Reading

How to Renew Your Passport Now

Update 7/10: The Guadalajara consulate staff will probably not visit the Lake Chapala area in August because of the issues described in this article. For that reason, working through attorney McMullen may be the only way to get a passport for the forseeable future. There are several problems currently facing US nationals renewing their passports… Keep Reading

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