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Ministerio Publico Warns About Fake Uber Drivers

Yesterday, the Jalisco prosecutor’s office (Ministerio Publico) confirmed the detention of three men who, as part of a criminal organization, committed robberies while pretending to be Uber drivers. This is an increasing problem in areas of high activity of legitimate Uber drivers, such as malls, nightclubs, bars, event halls, and the Guadalajara airport. The criminals… Keep Reading


Police Capture Alleged House Burglar in Ajijic

Officials of the Directorate of Public Security of Chapala (police department) have caught a person alleged to be involved in several house robberies in Ajijic. After several complaints, the police carried out inquiries to find the person alleged to have of committed the robberies. Last Saturday, October 28, the police met with a resident who… Keep Reading

Restaurant Menus

Gosha’s Mexican Panera (Ajijic)

Gosha’s Mexican Panera (Ajijic) Address: Carretera Oriente #24, Ajijic Phone: 376-766-2121 Hours: Breakfast & Lunch: 8:30am to 3pm every day, except closed Tuesdays. Dinner: 4:00pm – 10pm every day, except closed Tuesdays. Credit cards accepted (except American Express)       Keep Reading


Social Security Benefits Are Getting Bigger in 2018

Social Security checks have been relatively unchanged since the start of 2015, but recipients could have a little more pocket change starting next year. The Social Security Administration has approved a 2% cost of living adjustment. That will result in the average retired worker getting an extra $27 per month. (This year’s adjustment was 0.3%;… Keep Reading


How Does Mexico’s Credit Bureau Work?

Many expats are not aware that Mexico has a credit bureau. That may be because we have been told that Mexico is primarily a cash society. That used to be true. But as the middle class grows, more Mexicans have bank accounts, and that means that debit and credit cards are not far behind. Just… Keep Reading


Government Steps in to Figure Out Ajijic’s Street Vendor Problem

Pedro Rivera Garcia, the Director of Markets of the Municipal Government of Chapala, acknowledged failure regarding the explosion of the number of “ambulantajes” (unofficial street vendors, often traveling from other towns) along Ajijic’s southern Calle Morelos on the weekends, which is blocked off to cars for a cultural and gastronomic walking area for tourists. The… Keep Reading


Taxes and Social Security for Mexico Expats

Two questions I often get asked are, “Are Social Security benefits taxable?” and “Do I have to file a federal tax return?” It all depends, and it is important to note that these are two separate questions with separate dollar thresholds for each. Social Security (SS) benefits may or may not be taxable, depending on… Keep Reading

Gardening/Interesting Finds

Cactus Nurseries Worth Visiting

Although many viveros (nurseries) in the Lake Chapala area have cacti, there are two that specialize in them. They’re a treat to visit because, in addition to selling cacti, their grounds are covered with mature specimens, the better to see how high and wide each type will become. Cacti are fascinating in their diversity and… Keep Reading


Interview with Pancho: The Soul of Super Lake

I sat down with Pancho Montes at Mariscos Lety, the restaurant owned by his father, Manuel Montes, at Gonzáles Gallo #71 in San Antonio Tlayacapan. This was our fourth or fifth attempt at an interview. The previous appointments had been scrapped because of Pancho’s busy schedule at Super Lake. A glass of wine in his… Keep Reading

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