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Savor the Past at Chapala’s Historical Archives

As both Chapala and Ajijic evolve as vibrant tourist towns, the past holds a special place in the hearts of those who are natives here and those who have lived here a long time. The Chapala Historical Archives, located next to Bancomer Bank near the major Chapala intersection of Madero and Hidalgo, offers nostalgia, perspective,… Keep Reading

Interesting Finds

Summary of Lakeside Bazaars and Consignment Shops

When I lived in the US, I didn’t know anyone who shopped at second-hand stores, except women who liked vintage looks. I didn’t shop in those stores. It seemed very déclassé, partly because there was such pressure to buy at the trendy malls and stay current. Not so here. We’re more practical. And, it seems… Keep Reading

Dear Lisa

Dear Lisa: How Do You Ship Items From Ebay?

Dear Lisa, I hear you have a pretty good shipping deal when importing items from the US. How does that work? – Curious Dear Curious, As far as deals go, the best shipping deal from the US is Amazon’s free international shipping program, called AmazonGlobal. But, the order has to be over $65 USD, and only… Keep Reading

Dear Lisa/Renting-Real Estate

Dear Lisa: Downsides of Renting

Your book, Moving to Mexico’s Lake Chapala, advises people to rent 3 – 6 months before buying a house. But I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about renting here. What are the downsides?                                                                                – Curious Dear Curious, It all depends on who owns and manages the property, of course. But there are some… Keep Reading

Interesting Finds

China Offers Online Shoppers Amazing Values

Expats who like to shop online for north-of-the-border products are often deterred by the cost of shipping to Mexico., for one, is very much aware of that, and of the huge market that is here. So, last month, they started Amazon Mexico. But there really isn’t a full range of products there, yet. And,… Keep Reading

Focus on Ajijic

Ajijic Updates

Director Efren Gonzalez is making great strides in upgrading the Ajijic Casa De Cultura on the plaza via his art auctions and cultural events. One of his artistic efforts is the tree mural which he has painted on the left side of the entrance ramp. Anyone can be memorialized there by making a donation and… Keep Reading

Focus on Ajijic

An Interview with Harry Bublin

You work closely with Ajijic Delegado Hector Espána Ramos. How did that come about? When he first took office, he had the idea of having two committees. One would be comprised of expats so he could better connect to that part of the community. And the other would be of local Mexicans. They would be… Keep Reading

Interesting Finds

La Bodega Bazar

Bodega1Few places are as intriguing as a bazaar or antique store run by someone who has a good eye and is not overly scrupulous about the niceties of professional displays. Half the fun is digging in and uncovering something surprising. La Bodega Bazar is just that sort of place.

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