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Phone Extortion Spikes at Lake Chapala

At least a dozen incidents of phone scamming of foreigners have been reported in the last month in the area. And it’s a man who speaks perfect English. He’ll pretend to know you, either directly (“I’m your neighbor, Michael, remember?”), or indirectly (a relative of your spouse, or a friend). There’s always a hard-luck story… Keep Reading


Ministerio Publico to Hold Public Meeting

A public meeting to discuss the process and status of complaints submitted to the Ministerio Publico (Fiscalia General de Jalisco) will be held on Friday, August 25, 2017 at 11am at the Chapala Malecon. Attendees will learn about the status of their investigations, referrals to other divisions, and psychological help for victims. They will also… Keep Reading


Perales: Crime Much Reduced at Lakeside

Gloria Perales is Chapala government’s expat liaison. Lake Chapala Reporter: While reports show that crime in Mexico in general is increasing, I have heard much less about crime at Lakeside in the last year or so. Is that true, or only an impression? Gloria Perales: It is true. We still get one report here, one… Keep Reading

Lake Chapala: The Perfect Place for Scams

The Lake Chapala area, recognized as one of the best places in the world for gringos to retire, is also a gold mine for scammers. Consider these factors. People come here with money; some of them, with lots of it. There’s a lot of gringo turnover here, both tourists and residents. Many of the gringos… Keep Reading


Mexico Capturing and Returning US Fugitives

The days of fugitives successfully hiding out in Mexico may well be over. The US Marshals Service and Mexico’s law enforcement agencies are working together to capture more criminals crossing the border than in the past. Click here for more information.   Keep Reading


Survey Results: Home Burglaries Are #1 Local Crime


An invitation to participate in an online survey about crime at Lake Chapala was sent on May 22, 2014 by the Lake Chapala Reporter to 2,630 email addresses. Of this number, 1,173 (about half) of the emails were opened. Of that number, 392 people looked at the survey, and 276 actually completed the survey.

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Know Your Police Officers’ Vehicles and Duties

This article is geared mainly to residents of the Chapala/Guadalajara area, but it also applies to all of Mexico regarding the federal police agencies. It’s important to know what each law enforcement agency’s vehicles look like and what each agency’s job is so you know whom to call in the event of an emergency. It’s… Keep Reading


The Facts about Safety in Mexico

More than 154,000 Americans travel safely to Mexico every DAY according to Nation Master. The US Department of Commerce reports that Mexico is the number 1 travel destination for Americans, with 20.3 million trips each year. That’s almost twice as many going to Mexico as to Canada. 1.6 million Canadians travel to Mexico each year… Keep Reading


Where Will You Get Help if You Fall?

Many Lakeside expats live by themselves. Without relatives to check up on them frequently, many of them, undoubtedly, worry about what would happen if they become incapacitated in their homes. And so do their families. But as expats, they don’t have the advantage of extended families to watch out for them. And, many older expats… Keep Reading

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