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2018 Crime Survey Results Are In!

On Saturday, February 3rd, 2018, we made available a survey designed to assess our readers’ opinions regarding crime in the Municipality of Chapala. The survey was made available on our website at, on our Facebook page, and in a newsletter we mailed to our reader distribution list on the same day. Our survey objectives… Keep Reading


New CFE Impostor Scam

Local attorney Spencer McMullen today related a scam involving impostor CFE staff. “I got a call yesterday that a woman from CFE (electric company) was at a client’s home with the police, and they were threatening to shut off their power in Chula Vista. They said that they needed an immediate payment of $40,000 pesos… Keep Reading

Pets & Animals/Safety-Crime

Latest Dog Poisoning Mysteries Solved

According to Chuni Medeles, Ajijic’s delegado, the mystery of the most recent incidents of dog poisoning have been solved, which will no doubt come as a relief to Lakeside pet owners. There were two separate incidents recently. In one case, a dog died after eating a rat whom the owner had poisoned on his own… Keep Reading


Mexican Justice System Chaotic in Transition

There are some unexpected consequences to Mexico’s recent US-backed attempts to apply US protections of criminals rights to the 19th century Mexican justice system. Under the US-based system: “… The (GDL police) chief said only 50 arrest warrants have been issued in Guadalajara in the past year and a half — while there are 1,300… Keep Reading


Heightened Holiday Security Program Begins Today

The security operation “Guadalupe-Reyes” will start today in the municipality of Chapala, and run through January 7, 2018. The program will be coordinated between the police department, municipal transit, and firefighters, with the main purpose of preventing accidents and criminal acts in the municipality. Police Department Commissioner Adán Dominguez León explained that the program will… Keep Reading


Car Thieves Caught in La Floresta

A man and woman couple from Chapala were arrested in Ajijic’s La Floresta neighborhood in the early hours of Saturday, December 2nd . They were charged with car theft and carrying a substance thought to be crystal meth. Municipal police officers were patrolling the area when they noticed a red Dodge Ram vehicle was trying to… Keep Reading

Renting-Real Estate/Safety-Crime

How to Prevent Real Estate Fraud

Every year, the tourist season brings new foreigners beguiled by the comparatively low prices and tax rates of Mexican real estate. That will most likely increase in the Lake Chapala area as it positions itself as Jalisco’s tourism and expat hub for retiring baby boomers. The Lake Chapala area has not cornered the market on… Keep Reading

Getting Around/News/Safety-Crime

Ministerio Publico Warns About Fake Uber Drivers

Yesterday, the Jalisco prosecutor’s office (Ministerio Publico) confirmed the detention of three men who, as part of a criminal organization, committed robberies while pretending to be Uber drivers. This is an increasing problem in areas of high activity of legitimate Uber drivers, such as malls, nightclubs, bars, event halls, and the Guadalajara airport. The criminals… Keep Reading


Police Capture Alleged House Burglar in Ajijic

Officials of the Directorate of Public Security of Chapala (police department) have caught a person alleged to be involved in several house robberies in Ajijic. After several complaints, the police carried out inquiries to find the person alleged to have of committed the robberies. Last Saturday, October 28, the police met with a resident who… Keep Reading


Parents of Alleged Sex Abuse Victims Complain of Threats

Parents of the children who allegedly suffered sexual abuse in kindergarten Fray Juan Ruiz de Cabañas and Crespo in San Nicolas (Chapala), have complained of alleged threats against them to force them to give up their allegations about staff members who, they say, acted in complicity, said Ramiro Navarro, one of the parents. “Yes I… Keep Reading

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