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Government Steps in to Figure Out Ajijic’s Street Vendor Problem

Pedro Rivera Garcia, the Director of Markets of the Municipal Government of Chapala, acknowledged failure regarding the explosion of the number of “ambulantajes” (unofficial street vendors, often traveling from other towns) along Ajijic’s southern Calle Morelos on the weekends, which is blocked off to cars for a cultural and gastronomic walking area for tourists. The… Keep Reading


Public Meeting on Sunday: Ajijic Pueblo Magico Project

The public is invited to attend an informative meeting on Sunday, August 27th starting at 10am in front of the Ajijic Cultural Center in the Ajijic Plaza. Mayor Javier Degollado will be there to present his project to qualify Ajijic to become a Pueblo Magico in February. The ambitious project will involve both infrastructure and… Keep Reading


One City – One Country – One Heart

Gloria Perales, Chapala Government Expat Liaison, produced this video for an event held in March 2017 at Hotel Real in Chapala. The event was called Dinner Under the Stars. It was held as a way to build unity among US and Canadian expats and Mexicans, countering the sometimes strained political climate between the countries. The… Keep Reading


Radio for Expat Ears

Of the 51 radio stations in Guadalajara, 50 are in Spanish, and only one is in English: XEABCJ on AM 1440. It is an ABC affiliate, and it doesn’t stream on the internet, so the best place to find it may be on your car radio. Keep Reading


Book: Solid Slices of Expat Life

I’ve just read a new book that should interest anyone trying to imagine what it’s like to be a north-of-the-border expatriate living at Lake Chapala, Mexico. That includes potential expats, as well as those who are initially horrified at the prospect of their loved ones falling into ruin across the border. Keep Reading


Report: Chapala is #1 Place to Retire on a Budget

CBS News has reported that International Living Magazine completed an extensive survey of international expats to determine the most economical places in the world to retire. Heath care costs, groceries, housing, transportation, city amenities, distance from relatives, quality of the expat community, and the cost of eating out were all taken into account. The top… Keep Reading


It’s All About Community

Many people choose to expatriate, for a variety of reasons. Some have retirement or pension plans. But not everyone is retired, so other ways to make a living—and a lifestyle—need to be explored. Keep Reading


A Green Lakeside Community in the Making

Getting municipal and town governments to build and approve green environmental charters, action plans, ordinances, resolutions, and programs has a tendency to wear everyone out. Even with good leadership, the political and administrative obstacles are often overwhelming, and they can sap the spirit out of good intentions. Sometimes it’s more effective (and certainly more satisfying)… Keep Reading


Mexico by the Numbers

While researching information for my recent articles on universal health care in Mexico, it was probably inevitable that I would stumble across statistics that were at odds with my previous (mis)perceptions of Mexico. I was frankly shocked at the rapid and dramatic improvement in many of the statistics that describe Mexico today. Keep Reading

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