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Non-Profit Organizations

US IRS Doesn’t Recognize Contributions to Mexican Charities (But Don’t Let That Stop You)

Sometime back, I noticed some interesting language in the US-Mexico tax treaty. The treaty is an agreement to minimize double taxation between both countries. Article 22 allowed deductions for Mexican charity contributions on US income. Intrigued, I picked up the phone. The SAT, the Mexican IRS, publishes a regularly updated list of all recognized charities,… Keep Reading

Non-Profit Organizations

Ninos Incapacitados del Lago A.C. – Financials

The treasurer of this organization, Larry Wynant, provided the following information. We operate three clinics (Chapala, Ajijic and Jocotopec) and at the end of 2015, had 162 children registered with our clinics; Our total clinic expenditures for 2015 amounted to $2,155,849 pesos; All Ninos volunteers and Board Members are unpaid.  Our administrative expenses (legal, accounting,… Keep Reading

Non-Profit Organizations

Dear Lisa: Are Non-Profit Financials Available?

Dear Lisa, There are many charitable organizations Lakeside, and I want to contribute to some of them. But how do I know how much of the contributions actually go to the stated services? Don’t these charities have to report their finances? – Susan Dear Susan, See my article on this subject from last year here.… Keep Reading

Non-Profit Organizations

How Can You Tell Whether a Charity is Aboveboard?

What is a charity, anyway? Let’s start by defining a non-profit organization. That’s one whose surplus revenues (beyond operating expenses) are used to achieve a stated purpose. When properly registered with the government, non-profits get special tax rates, both in Mexico and north of the border. All North American governments require periodic financial disclosures to… Keep Reading

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