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Chapala Mayor Degollado Fined for Lack of Transparency

The plenary session of the Institute of Transparency, Public Information and Protection of Personal Data of the State of Jalisco (ITEI) decided to fine the Municipal President of Chapala, Javier Degollado González, yesterday for lack of transparency. The fine is 100 times the minimum daily wage of 80 pesos, or 8,000 pesos (about $420 USD).… Keep Reading


Expat Kickoff Tomorrow for “Everyone United for Chapala” Program

As previously reported, this is a program to improve the living conditions of the poorest of the poor in Chapala. There are many dangerous and unsafe living conditions, as well as old people and children sleeping on the bare ground or soggy mattresses, and without decent chairs or tables. This past month, the program committee… Keep Reading


Join New Facebook Group: Lake Chapala News

We’ve started a new Facebook group that we think you’ll like. It’s called Lake Chapala News. It’s a place for you to share and learn about what’s happening in the Lake Chapala area, and it’s open to everyone. Got questions? Got issues? Got answers? Let’s hear them. It’s an open group.  Just click here. And, don’t… Keep Reading


“Everyone United for Chapala” Program Kicks Off at City Hall

On Friday, September 1st, the day commemorating the 47th anniversary of the establishment of Chapala as a city, Mayor Javier Degollado launched a new social program called “Todos Unitos por Chapala,” and the foreign community can participate. The program committee, which includes Expat Liaison Gloria Perales, has visited many homes in recent weeks in the… Keep Reading


Renderings of Ajijic’s Image Upgrades Now Available

The upgrades to Ajijic’s urban image and infrastructure include the continuation of the bicycle path, new lighting, sidewalks, pedestrian crosswalks, and repair of sewer lines. See previous article here for a more detailed list. Gloria Perales, Chapala Municipal’s expat liaison has now released the artist renderings of the results.     Keep Reading


Public Meeting on Sunday: Ajijic Pueblo Magico Project

The public is invited to attend an informative meeting on Sunday, August 27th starting at 10am in front of the Ajijic Cultural Center in the Ajijic Plaza. Mayor Javier Degollado will be there to present his project to qualify Ajijic to become a Pueblo Magico in February. The ambitious project will involve both infrastructure and… Keep Reading


How to Watch Monday’s Solar Eclipse

It’s an event that won’t come again until July 2, 2019. The eclipse of the sun will be total in parts of the US. But here, it will be about 1/3. Nevertheless, it will be an unusual phenomena, worthy of being seen; but not by the naked eye. Got a cereal box? You can make… Keep Reading


Ministerio Publico to Hold Public Meeting

A public meeting to discuss the process and status of complaints submitted to the Ministerio Publico (Fiscalia General de Jalisco) will be held on Friday, August 25, 2017 at 11am at the Chapala Malecon. Attendees will learn about the status of their investigations, referrals to other divisions, and psychological help for victims. They will also… Keep Reading


NY Times: Mexico is Losing its War on Drugs and Violence

Tecoman, a small farming town in Jalisco’s neighboring state of Colima, became the deadliest municipality in all of Mexico last year. And, homicides in Mexico are at all-time highs, with this year set to break all records. “It is an indictment of the drug war. The strategy of the United States and Mexico to relentlessly… Keep Reading


Secretary of Education Expands Child Sexual Abuse Investigation

Francisco Ayón López, Secretary of Education in Jalisco (SEJ), said today that he will work on a mechanism for immediate action when there are sexual abuse allegations in schools. This is in response to criticism that in the current case of alleged sexual abuse at a kindergarten in San Nicolas, months went by before action… Keep Reading


US Fugitive Pedophile May Be Associated With Local Kindergarten Scandal

Fisgon Politico Jalisco has reported that US fugitive pedophile David Benjamin Creamer is suspected of being connected with the San Nicolas Kindergarten sex abuse scandal. Background Information (Source InsideLakeside) American pedophile known to be in Mexico, and last seen in Puerto Vallarta-Chapala-Ajiijic-Guadalajara areas. David Benjamin Creamer aka Dave Creamer aka Ben CreamerOne of the fugitives… Keep Reading


San Nicolas Kindergarten Staff Accused of Sexual Assault

Parents of children enrolled in a Chapala, Jalisco kindergarten have accused one of its staff of sexual abuse against 11 children. Three formal complaints filed with state authorities said children at a school in San Nicolás de Ibarra were abused by their English teacher with the full knowledge of the school’s principal. The teacher, identified… Keep Reading

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