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Breaking the story about the LakeCity project has certainly had wide ramifications. The Lake Chapala Reporter has been vilified, I have personally been vilified, the developers, the project, the government—everyone is being trashed.

To be clear, first of all, I am personally as concerned about the implications of such a development in our community as most people are. As a journalist, however, I need to stay neutral in my reporting, which some people, not understanding the role of journalism in a community, equate with being a shill for big business. Most people by now know that the Lake Chapala Reporter is a better source of real estate news than other publications are.  

When the Municipality of Chapala approved the first steps of this project (and it’s a long approval process, with signatures required at every step), they undoubtedly realized what infrastructure they (not the developers) would need to provide, including widening the access streets. That’s what licensing fees are supposed to pay for. Attacking the developers because the streets need to be widened is misplaced. Calling the developers scammers because the project is unpopular with some people here is also misplaced. Like most international financiers, they’ve probably had hits and misses. Placing them under a microscope personally and professionally is unrealistic and futile.

The fact is that they have looked at studies of what FUTURE retirees here will want. It’s that simple. And if the project fails, some other project like it will come along and succeed. It’s inevitable. This is a prime location and demographic.

Let’s focus on the municipality, and keep our emotions out of this. I have sources who are going to check the licenses this coming week. Then we’ll know whether this is being handled legally. As always, I’ll keep you posted on facts, not emotions and speculation. 

People who want to take action should get together and consider what action will be most effective. Vitriolic emails to journalists, and speculative, sarcastic ranting on webboards are just not helpful. Let’s take this one step at a time, and be smart about it. Cooler heads will prevail.

Lisa L. Jorgensen
Publisher and Editor

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  1. Will you guys quit having so much fun! This is going to be one hell of a long month with these tainilaztng tales showing up every day. I think I’ll have to bury my head in a bottle of was it Maker’s Mark ? Bourbon and a plate full of spaghetti buried in gunpowder to try and get me through this.How’s Karma handling the fireworks? Our last dog Molly would totally freak at any bang, Tika on the other hand, is totally fearless. They are as different as chalk and cheese.Keep smilin’, Doug &Bonny

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