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There’s still time for the Guadalajara Reporter to do the right thing: to care about the Lake Chapala area enough to tell its readers the truth, thereby earning some credibility and integrity. The main reason this magazine was named the Lake Chapala Reporter is because it seemed to us that the Guadalajara Reporter wasn’t doing a good job of reporting for this area. And now it’s confirmed.

In the last week, two people have reported going to the Guadalajara Reporter office at the Bugambilia Plaza in Ajijic to ask why it wasn’t publishing anything on the realtor price fixing conviction. They were told by the office administrator there that the realtors have threatened to pull all their advertisements if they do.

So, now we know the extent of the Guadalajara Reporter’s commitment to this community, and the extent of their integrity. And, we also know to what extent the convicted realty organizations (which includes the GIL association) have the best interest of the community in mind.

Have these organizations no shame? Do the right thing, Guadalajara Reporter. The realtors have already lost their souls, but maybe you haven’t—yet. Show a little spine. Start serving this community as a professional newspaper. Report the truth.

Lisa L. Jorgensen, Editor

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