Latest Dog Poisoning Mysteries Solved

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According to Chuni Medeles, Ajijic’s delegado, the mystery of the most recent incidents of dog poisoning have been solved, which will no doubt come as a relief to Lakeside pet owners.

There were two separate incidents recently. In one case, a dog died after eating a rat whom the owner had poisoned on his own property in Ajijic.  The second incident involved three dogs, one of whom died. The other two dogs have recovered. It occurred in the mountains. The dogs ate a dead raccoon who had eaten a poisoned squirrel. Farmers had set out the poison to keep the squirrels from ruining their corn crop.

Many pet owners will remember last year’s dog poisoning scares. The suspect, a male Canadian, was caught, and is being tracked every year by the immigration department.

While these terrible incidents now seem to be over, pet owners are still advised to discourage their pets from eating from the ground, as a safety precaution.



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