New 4th Edition Not Just for Newcomers

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The fourth edition of the newcomer bible Moving to Mexico’s Lake Chapala has just been published.

Contrary to popular belief, the book is also very useful for long-time residents as a reference. For instance, it contains:

  • a local emergency phone number list
  • directions about how to phone from anywhere to anywhere using either cell or land phones
  • directions about how to dial 800 numbers internationally
  • instructions on how to determine if a car has been stolen
  • the rules about paying domestic workers
  • information about how to get around the foreign-plated car restriction for Residente Permanente visa holders.

This information cannot be found anywhere else.

The book is available on all Amazon sites (US, UK, MX, etc.) in both softcover as well as Kindle formats. It’s also available locally. Email for locations.

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