Secretary of Education Expands Child Sexual Abuse Investigation

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Francisco Ayón López, Secretary of Education in Jalisco (SEJ), said today that he will work on a mechanism for immediate action when there are sexual abuse allegations in schools. This is in response to criticism that in the current case of alleged sexual abuse at a kindergarten in San Nicolas, months went by before action was taken. The original complaint against the teacher in that case was made in April, but it took until July 17th for it to be taken seriously enough for the teacher to be removed from the classroom.

“What we want is to see how to generate immediate access to decision-making, in a quick and expeditious way,” Ayón said Friday.

He also said that all the teachers at the school were relieved of their positions pending further investigations, and that he plans to expand the investigation to other schools.

“We are going to send a message that any person who abuses a boy or girl in Jalisco will be punished. We want to expand the investigation, which will be carried out in each and every one of Chapala’s campuses, led by the Attorney General and the Education Secretary.”

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