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Getting Around

More PEMEX Abuses: Shortchanging Liters

I’ve previously reported several practices PEMEX gasoline stations use to cheat their customers. The first is to deliberately not set the meter to zero when a customer asks for gas. This is a useful technique when a customer appears distracted. It has, in fact, happened to me, and I was so incensed when it occurred… Keep Reading

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Getting Around

Puerto Vallarta 2014 Traffic Offenses and Fines

The following is an English translation of the most current traffic laws and fines for the municipality of Puerto Vallarta for 2014. Puerto Vallarta is the only municipality in the state of Jalisco that has its own traffic regulations in addition to the Jalisco state regulations and the federal regulations. You’ll want a copy of… Keep Reading

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Does it Make Sense to Buy Premium Gas?

In an article in the July 2014 issue, I reported the results of a study I conducted about gas mileage in the Lakeside area. As two commenters of that article pointed out, I neglected to mention how I measured the gas mileage, what time of day I filled my car’s tank, and what grade of… Keep Reading

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The Car you Want in Mexico

If you’re trying to decide whether to import your car or buy a car here in Mexico, let me share some thoughts. They’re based on a real story that happened to me last week, which could change the way you’re thinking about your current car. And, I have recommendations about the two best cars to… Keep Reading

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Don’t Let Pemex Cheat You!

I had a bad experience at the Pemex station in San Luis Soyatlán yesterday. I paid 710 pesos to fill up my SUV, which was a little less than 1/3 full. I thought the total was high, but I did see the 710 pesos total on the pump before paying. About 20 minutes later down… Keep Reading

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How Much Are the Traffic Fines, Really?

If you’re ever stopped by the movilidad (formerly tránsito) police for a traffic or a parking violation, you may be offered an opportunity by the officer to pay a mordida (small bite, or bribe) to avoid getting a ticket and having to pay a fine at the municipal office. Keep Reading

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