Lake Chapala Reporter is an online magazine which serves existing and prospective expats who are visiting or living in the Lake Chapala region of Jalisco, Mexico.  The magazine was founded in December of 2012.

Its mission is to provide readers with the unbiased information they need about living in this region. The magazine strives to be a trustworthy advisor on such matters as immigration, housing, cost of living, relocation, the law, transportation, utilities, technology, local business, insurance, and health care. It is the only magazine of its kind in this region, and perhaps in all of Mexico.  Whereas other magazines are focused on culture, Lake Chapala Reporter is focused on practical, and often vital, information found nowhere else.

The core staff of Lake Chapala Reporter is kept to a minimum. The staff consults with experts in the various fields listed above as new information or changes within those fields arise. This ensures a steady infusion of fresh, timely, and accurate information from a variety of knowledgeable sources. In addition, actual experiences of local expats and prospective expats are also included in order to provide personal perspectives and lessons learned.

We welcome feedback and ideas on how to better serve this publication’s readers. We also welcome new writers. And, we pay for thoughtful, informative, original articles. Our email address is

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Lisa L. Jorgensen
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Lake Chapala Reporter