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Today is Driver’s License Day

For those who have been waiting for the mobile driver’s license unit to return, tomorrow’s the day. It will be held at Chapala’s Centro Cultural Antigua Presidencia (CCAP), the triangular building at the corner of Calle Madero and Hidalgo (the Carretera), on Thursday, February 15th. Applicants will be processed on a first come, first served… Keep Reading

Polls & Quizes/Safety-Crime

2018 Crime Survey Results Are In!

On Saturday, February 3rd, 2018, we made available a survey designed to assess our readers’ opinions regarding crime in the Municipality of Chapala. The survey was made available on our website at, on our Facebook page, and in a newsletter we mailed to our reader distribution list on the same day. Our survey objectives… Keep Reading


Minor Damage in Chapala Reported After Two Earthquakes

Two earthquakes in Jalisco were registered this morning by the Servicio Sismologico Nacional (National Earthquake Service). The first quake occurred with a magnitude of 4.5, and its epicenter was in Cihuatlán, at 7:56 am. The second was of greater magnitude, registering a magnitude of 5.9 with its epicenter to the southeast of Cihuatlán, at 8:05… Keep Reading


New CFE Impostor Scam

Local attorney Spencer McMullen today related a scam involving impostor CFE staff. “I got a call yesterday that a woman from CFE (electric company) was at a client’s home with the police, and they were threatening to shut off their power in Chula Vista. They said that they needed an immediate payment of $40,000 pesos… Keep Reading

Pets & Animals/Safety-Crime

Latest Dog Poisoning Mysteries Solved

According to Chuni Medeles, Ajijic’s delegado, the mystery of the most recent incidents of dog poisoning have been solved, which will no doubt come as a relief to Lakeside pet owners. There were two separate incidents recently. In one case, a dog died after eating a rat whom the owner had poisoned on his own… Keep Reading

Polls & Quizes

Please Participate in Our Crime Survey

Mexico holds elections every 6 years for local as well as national posts. The next election will be held on July 1st of this year, so politicians are making statements about their accomplishments in the last 5 years (they take office in October). Municipality of Chapala’s Mayor Javier Degollado, who is running for re-election, has stated that he… Keep Reading

News/Renting-Real Estate

Radisson Blu Hotel Breaks Ground on Libramiento

Mexican real estate and investment firm Sun-Star Group, led by real estate developer Omar O’Rourke Martinez and his partner Thomas Wahl, celebrated the groundbreaking of the Radisson Blu Resort & Spa Ajijic, a luxury hotel and condo, on the Libramiento in the El Dorado complex. Several officials attended the ceremony from the Municipality of Chapala,… Keep Reading

Pets & Animals

New Program Announced for Frequent Flier Pets

If you fly into Mexico more than once every six months with your dog or cat (the only animals considered to be pets), a new program can make the entry easier and faster. The program is called Programa Maskota Viajero Frecuente (Frequent Flier Pets Program), and it’s free. The current participating airports are: Cancun airport… Keep Reading


Chapala Mayor Cited for 3rd Time in 6 Months for Lack of Transparency

Jalisco’s Institute of Transparency, Public Information and Protection (ITEI) has ordered the City of Chapala to provide fundamental information. The plenary session on January 24 voted, by a majority of the councilors, to request information requested by a citizen regarding the construction of the new offices of the municipal police station. According to the resolution,… Keep Reading

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