Pets & Animals

Soup Kitchens for Street Animals

ComeDog (Food for Dogs) is a program that provides food and water for street dogs and cats through public dispensers in Mexico. The program arrived in Mexico last year, and now has a presence in several states. The 1.2-meter-high galvanized metal containers hold up to 22 kilograms of food and four liters of water. Animals that… Keep Reading

Restaurant Menus

La Mesa Restaurant (Ajijic)

La Mesa Restaurant Bar Address: Carretera Poniente #19-A, Ajijic Phone: 376-766-2948 Hours: Noon to 10pm. Closed Tuesdays. No credit cards Breakfast                                           Keep Reading

Ignorance Can Be Dangerous To Your Health

Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to choosing doctors in Mexico. In fact, ignorance can be dangerous to your health. “Common knowledge” among the expat community is that private doctors are the best doctors in Mexico. But, in fact, public hospital doctors are generally the best trained and most likely to be up-to-date on the latest… Keep Reading

Non-Profit Organizations

Dear Lisa: Are Non-Profit Financials Available?

Dear Lisa, There are many charitable organizations Lakeside, and I want to contribute to some of them. But how do I know how much of the contributions actually go to the stated services? Don’t these charities have to report their finances? – Susan Dear Susan, See my article on this subject from last year here.… Keep Reading


ACC: US Election Won’t Affect US-MX Business Relations

The relationship between Mexico and the United States is stronger than ever, and will not be affected by US’s election process, says the president of the American Chamber of Commerce of Mexico (ACC) “We are optimistic that this will remain nothing more than an anecdote from the past,” said José María Zas at the 99th Assembly of the chamber,… Keep Reading

Medical Care

Medical Tourism in Mexico Costing Canada Plenty

Millions of taxpayer dollars are being spent in Canada repairing botched stomach-shrinking surgeries performed outside the country, suggests new research into the growing phenomenon of bariatric medical tourism. Researchers who surveyed Alberta surgeons estimate that that province alone is spending a minimum of $560,000 annually treating complications in people who have traveled to Mexico and other… Keep Reading

Interesting Finds

Summary of Lakeside Bazaars and Consignment Shops

When I lived in the US, I didn’t know anyone who shopped at second-hand stores, except women who liked vintage looks. I didn’t shop in those stores. It seemed very déclassé, partly because there was such pressure to buy at the trendy malls and stay current. Not so here. We’re more practical. And, it seems… Keep Reading


Seven Burglaries Solved Thanks to Expat Liaison

The combination of expanded duties of the Chapala Municipal Police to include criminal investigations plus the dedication of a new quick-acting liaison to the foreign community has already reaped rewards that could only have been dreamt of before the current Chapala administration took office on October 1, 2015. Having only served in her liaison position… Keep Reading


Tlaquepaque’s Police Chief and Deputy Resign Following Police Assassinations

The army and state police have taken over responsibility for security in Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, following yesterday’s assassination of three municipal police officers. Mayor María Elena Limón said personnel of those forces are now conducting patrols in the municipality of some 5 million residents, which is situated within the Guadalajara metropolitan area. The three officers, a… Keep Reading

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