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Ministerio Publico Warns About Fake Uber Drivers

Yesterday, the Jalisco prosecutor’s office (Ministerio Publico) confirmed the detention of three men who, as part of a criminal organization, committed robberies while pretending to be Uber drivers. This is an increasing problem in areas of high activity of legitimate Uber drivers, such as malls, nightclubs, bars, event halls, and the Guadalajara airport. The criminals… Keep Reading

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Anti Drink & Drive Checkpoint Upsets Locals and Mayor Degollado

On Sunday evening, August  6th, the first Jalisco-sponsored vehicle checkpoint for alcohol at Lakeside was implemented on the Carretera at La Floresta, and it caused a whirlwind of backlash. A great number of people from this area were fined, taken into administrative custody for up to 36 hours, and had their vehicles impounded The program… Keep Reading

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Uber is Here

Whether or not Uber, the alternate driving service, has been given the green light by authorities to operate at Lakeside, the cars are definitely here. There are five in Chapala right now. The cost for an Uber ride to the airport is under 200 pesos. This compares to about 450 pesos charged by  traditional taxis,… Keep Reading

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More PEMEX Abuses: Shortchanging Liters

I’ve previously reported several practices PEMEX gasoline stations use to cheat their customers. The first is to deliberately not set the meter to zero when a customer asks for gas. This is a useful technique when a customer appears distracted. It has, in fact, happened to me, and I was so incensed when it occurred… Keep Reading

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Puerto Vallarta 2014 Traffic Offenses and Fines

The following is an English translation of the most current traffic laws and fines for the municipality of Puerto Vallarta for 2014. Puerto Vallarta is the only municipality in the state of Jalisco that has its own traffic regulations in addition to the Jalisco state regulations and the federal regulations. You’ll want a copy of… Keep Reading

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Does it Make Sense to Buy Premium Gas?

In an article in the July 2014 issue, I reported the results of a study I conducted about gas mileage in the Lakeside area. As two commenters of that article pointed out, I neglected to mention how I measured the gas mileage, what time of day I filled my car’s tank, and what grade of… Keep Reading

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