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Pets & Animals

Soup Kitchens for Street Animals

ComeDog (Food for Dogs) is a program that provides food and water for street dogs and cats through public dispensers in Mexico. The program arrived in Mexico last year, and now has a presence in several states. The 1.2-meter-high galvanized metal containers hold up to 22 kilograms of food and four liters of water. Animals that… Keep Reading

Pets & Animals

Lawsuit: Purina Beneful Dog Food is Killing Dogs

A man in California has filed a class action lawsuit against Nestle Purina PetCare Co., claiming that the company’s dry dog food Beneful (which is available widely in the Lake Chapala area) has caused serious illness and death to thousands of dogs, including three of his own. The company makes eight different mixes of dog… Keep Reading

Pets & Animals

Operación AMOR: Making a Difference

Amor2When people first move lakeside, one of the first things that they often comment on is the issue of dogs and cats running loose in various states of health. It is a real problem. In fact, the statistics are staggering. Taking one unsprayed female cat, her mate, and all of her offspring (two litters per year and assuming 2.8 kittens per litter survive), in eight years, there will be 2,072,514 cats. By simply spaying and neutering one male and one female cat, more than 2,000 unwanted births can be prevented in just four years, and more than 2 million in 8.

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Pets & Animals

Which Pet Groomer is Right for You and Your Pets?

There are three categories of pet groomers: those associated with a veterinary office, those who have their own shop, and those who come to pets’ homes. All three types can be found Lakeside. Of course, it’s not easy to determine who does the best job because some groomers may be better at certain breeds than… Keep Reading

Pets & Animals

10 Veterinary Offices Compared

Veterinary offices seem to be a growth business at Lakeside, judging from the high number of them. There are a lot of pets here, and, just as importantly, there’s a glut of veterinarians in Guadalajara overflowing to this area. I visited ten of the offices here in the last two weeks to see what some… Keep Reading

Pets & Animals

Teach Your Pets Not to Fear Cohetes and Thunder

The use of firecrackers and cohetes (rockets) are common in Mexico during celebrations. We haven’t heard them recently, though, because celebrations are kept to a minimum during Lent. But now that the Easter holidays are behind us, we can expect the sudden (and sometimes relentless) explosions to begin again. Keep Reading

Pets & Animals

Bringing Your Pets into Mexico

The first four important things to know are that:   1. only dogs and cats are considered pets for the purpose of Mexican border crossing, and   2. if you don’t accompany the pets, they’re considered cargo, for which different rules apply, and   3. rules are different for bringing pets from the US and… Keep Reading

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