Editorial: Social Media – Boon and Bane

The revelation that Russia placed thousands of Facebook ads during the 2016 presidential campaign in Trump’s favor is disturbing on many levels. Leaving all the legal and political aspects of it to the experts, we are still left with the disturbing thought that we’re much more vulnerable to propaganda and radicalization than we thought, both… Keep Reading

US IRS Doesn’t Recognize Contributions to Mexican Charities (But Don’t Let That Stop You)

Sometime back, I noticed some interesting language in the US-Mexico tax treaty. The treaty is an agreement to minimize double taxation between both countries. Article 22 allowed deductions for Mexican charity contributions on US income. Intrigued, I picked up the phone. The SAT, the Mexican IRS, publishes a regularly updated list of all recognized charities,… Keep Reading

Medical Care

Which Local Pharmacy Has the Best Prices for Your Medications?

Most expats at Lake Chapala take medications, either for a chronic condition or for eating something laced with nasty bacterias or amoebas. Whereas many doctors north of the border prescribe brand name medications, the ones here usually prescribe the ingredient name (if it is a single ingredient medication). That is because of the preponderance of… Keep Reading


Fire TV Stick & Kodi – The Best Media in Mexico

As a long-time movie fan (my brother is movie producer/director/writer Kim Jorgensen), I have been searching for the perfect media mix at Lake Chapala. I can now confidently say that I’ve found it. Cancel your Netflix and Amazon Prime accounts ($100 USD per year), and turn in your cable and satellite equipment. All you need… Keep Reading


New 4th Edition Not Just for Newcomers

The fourth edition of the newcomer bible Moving to Mexico’s Lake Chapala has just been published. Contrary to popular belief, the book is also very useful for long-time residents as a reference. For instance, it contains: a local emergency phone number list directions about how to phone from anywhere to anywhere using either cell or… Keep Reading


Phone Extortion Spikes at Lake Chapala

At least a dozen incidents of phone scamming of foreigners have been reported in the last month in the area. And it’s a man who speaks perfect English. He’ll pretend to know you, either directly (“I’m your neighbor, Michael, remember?”), or indirectly (a relative of your spouse, or a friend). There’s always a hard-luck story… Keep Reading


Lakeside Mail and Shipping Services Compared

For people who like receiving printed magazines and newspapers from north of the border, or who receive other mail regularly, using a mail service is a great idea. The primary reason is to receive it faster. A letter sent from north of the border to a residence here without going through a private mail service… Keep Reading


“Everyone United for Chapala” Program Kicks Off at City Hall

On Friday, September 1st, the day commemorating the 47th anniversary of the establishment of Chapala as a city, Mayor Javier Degollado launched a new social program called “Todos Unitos por Chapala,” and the foreign community can participate. The program committee, which includes Expat Liaison Gloria Perales, has visited many homes in recent weeks in the… Keep Reading

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