Lake Chapala: The Perfect Place for Scams

The Lake Chapala area, recognized as one of the best places in the world for gringos to retire, is also a gold mine for scammers. Consider these factors. People come here with money; some of them, with lots of it. There’s a lot of gringo turnover here, both tourists and residents. Many of the gringos… Keep Reading

Medical Care/Miscellaneous

Requirements for Bringing Medical Supplies, Equipment, and Drugs into Mexico

When flying or driving into Mexico, travelers are allowed to bring in certain medications, but others are prohibited. It is illegal, for example, to bring in certain common over-the-counter medicines, such as inhalers and some some allergy/sinus medications. Products that contain stimulants are prohibited, specifically medicines that contain pseudoephedrine (such as Actifed, Sudafed, and Vicks inhalers)… Keep Reading


Mexican Bank Fraud Claims Up 10% From 2016

Bancomer bank had the most complaints of fraud in the first quarter of 2017, with 28.2 percent of the total claims, according to the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (CONDUSEF ). The next highest number of complaints were against Citibanamex (formerly Banamex) with 22.1 percent, Santander with 19.4… Keep Reading

Renting-Real Estate

The Trend Continues: Another New Hotel

Only a month old, the 4-story SR Hotel & Suites rises above the embankment on the Carretera near Chapala Haciendas 2 and 3. Its location is prime for scooping up tapatios on their way south from Guadalajara on the weekends, and casual visitors from the airport.   In what could well turn out to be… Keep Reading

How to Maximize Internet Speed

The topic of internet speeds at Lake Chapala is as common in conversations as the weather is during the rainy season. And most of the conversations end in the same way: resignation to the powers that be. TelMex Here, the primary power is TelMex, the near-monopolistic landline and internet provider owned by Carlos Slim. TelMex… Keep Reading


Secretary of Education Expands Child Sexual Abuse Investigation

Francisco Ayón López, Secretary of Education in Jalisco (SEJ), said today that he will work on a mechanism for immediate action when there are sexual abuse allegations in schools. This is in response to criticism that in the current case of alleged sexual abuse at a kindergarten in San Nicolas, months went by before action… Keep Reading


Lake Chapala Reporter Returns

After being on hiatus for a little over a year, the Lake Chapala Reporter has resumed publication with a new look and new vigor to serve the Lake Chapala community. With its focus only on the Lake Chapala area, and without a dependence or slant toward advertisers, this publication strives to be the real voice… Keep Reading

Renting-Real Estate

Broker Justus Hauser: Update on Real Estate

Lake Chapala Reporter: You were the broker who reported the price fixing scheme among most of the Lake Chapala real estate agencies to the government some years ago. That resulted in the 2015 federal convictions of the agencies and individuals with huge fines. Two years later, has the real estate community changed its ways? Justus… Keep Reading

Renting-Real Estate

Our Changing Skyline

In early 2015, Grupo Naimar, a real estate development company in Guadalajara, proposed an ambitious and complex project in Chapala called LakeCity. The concept was designed to meet the needs of an affluent Guadalajaran and North American retirement population. The complex would include over 2,000 condos in 5 towers, surrounded by a range of services… Keep Reading


US Fugitive Pedophile May Be Associated With Local Kindergarten Scandal

Fisgon Politico Jalisco has reported that US fugitive pedophile David Benjamin Creamer is suspected of being connected with the San Nicolas Kindergarten sex abuse scandal. Background Information (Source InsideLakeside) American pedophile known to be in Mexico, and last seen in Puerto Vallarta-Chapala-Ajiijic-Guadalajara areas. David Benjamin Creamer aka Dave Creamer aka Ben CreamerOne of the fugitives… Keep Reading


San Nicolas Kindergarten Staff Accused of Sexual Assault

Parents of children enrolled in a Chapala, Jalisco kindergarten have accused one of its staff of sexual abuse against 11 children. Three formal complaints filed with state authorities said children at a school in San Nicolás de Ibarra were abused by their English teacher with the full knowledge of the school’s principal. The teacher, identified… Keep Reading


Mexico Capturing and Returning US Fugitives

The days of fugitives successfully hiding out in Mexico may well be over. The US Marshals Service and Mexico’s law enforcement agencies are working together to capture more criminals crossing the border than in the past. Click here for more information.   Keep Reading

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