Public Meeting on Sunday: Ajijic Pueblo Magico Project

The public is invited to attend an informative meeting on Sunday, August 27th starting at 10am in front of the Ajijic Cultural Center in the Ajijic Plaza. Mayor Javier Degollado will be there to present his project to qualify Ajijic to become a Pueblo Magico in February. The ambitious project will involve both infrastructure and… Keep Reading

Restaurant Reviews

Just Chillin’ Bar & Grill Just Keeps on Going

Sometimes the food, the atmosphere, and the service are only part of the story of a restaurant. The real story of Just Chillin’ Bar & Grill in downtown Ajijic is how they just keep on keepin’ on. You just want them to succeed because of how hard they work, how entrepreneurial they are, and how… Keep Reading


How to Watch Monday’s Solar Eclipse

It’s an event that won’t come again until July 2, 2019. The eclipse of the sun will be total in parts of the US. But here, it will be about 1/3. Nevertheless, it will be an unusual phenomena, worthy of being seen; but not by the naked eye. Got a cereal box? You can make… Keep Reading


Ministerio Publico to Hold Public Meeting

A public meeting to discuss the process and status of complaints submitted to the Ministerio Publico (Fiscalia General de Jalisco) will be held on Friday, August 25, 2017 at 11am at the Chapala Malecon. Attendees will learn about the status of their investigations, referrals to other divisions, and psychological help for victims. They will also… Keep Reading

Medical Insurance

Private Health Insurance in Mexico: Is it Worth It?

There are only two groups of foreigners who don’t have to think about Mexican health insurance. The first group comprises snowbirds and sunbirds, who are probably covered by their home country’s health insurance plans when they travel to Mexico for a few months. They’re usually paying quite a bit more, of course, since north-of-the-border health… Keep Reading

Getting Around

Anti Drink & Drive Checkpoint Upsets Locals and Mayor Degollado

On Sunday evening, August  6th, the first Jalisco-sponsored vehicle checkpoint for alcohol at Lakeside was implemented on the Carretera at La Floresta, and it caused a whirlwind of backlash. A great number of people from this area were fined, taken into administrative custody for up to 36 hours, and had their vehicles impounded The program… Keep Reading

Getting Around

Uber is Here

Whether or not Uber, the alternate driving service, has been given the green light by authorities to operate at Lakeside, the cars are definitely here. There are five in Chapala right now. The cost for an Uber ride to the airport is under 200 pesos. This compares to about 450 pesos charged by  traditional taxis,… Keep Reading


Perales: Crime Much Reduced at Lakeside

Gloria Perales is Chapala government’s expat liaison. Lake Chapala Reporter: While reports show that crime in Mexico in general is increasing, I have heard much less about crime at Lakeside in the last year or so. Is that true, or only an impression? Gloria Perales: It is true. We still get one report here, one… Keep Reading


One City – One Country – One Heart

Gloria Perales, Chapala Government Expat Liaison, produced this video for an event held in March 2017 at Hotel Real in Chapala. The event was called Dinner Under the Stars. It was held as a way to build unity among US and Canadian expats and Mexicans, countering the sometimes strained political climate between the countries. The… Keep Reading

Renting-Real Estate

Las Minas: A Shame

Despite a welcoming sign at the bottom of the Las Minas development site on the Libramiento across from the El Dorado condo and villa community, there’s nobody home. After carving out deep gashes into the mountain about five years ago, the developers still have an eye-sore that keeps on being an eye-sore. In an interview… Keep Reading

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