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Ministerio Publico Warns About Fake Uber Drivers

Yesterday, the Jalisco prosecutor’s office (Ministerio Publico) confirmed the detention of three men who, as part of a criminal organization, committed robberies while pretending to be Uber drivers. This is an increasing problem in areas of high activity of legitimate Uber drivers, such as malls, nightclubs, bars, event halls, and the Guadalajara airport. The criminals… Keep Reading

Meet the Expats

Meet the Expat: Bonnie Supan of Mia’s Boutique

Lake Chapala Reporter: Everyone knows Mia’s Boutique on the Carretera in Ajijic, but not everyone knows the woman behind it. How did you get here? Where did you come from? Bonnie Supan: I came from right outside of Denver, Colorado. My partner Bill and I had decided to go to Puerto Vallarta for a three-week… Keep Reading


Ajijic Announces Road Closures for Patron Saints Festivities

The town of Ajijic, in coordination with agencies such as transit, public security, and markets and regulations, will implement a special road operation in the center of the town for eleven days during the patron saint festivities, according to delegate Jesus Ernesto (Chuni) Médeles. The special road operations are intended to restrict traffic on roads… Keep Reading

Medical Care

Egg-based Flu Vaccine Less Effective

One of the most prevalent influenza subtypes is H3N2, so it has been included in the mix of inactive viruses in vaccines for years to encourage the growth of antibodies in people’s systems. However, immunity to that virus has only been effective in about a third of the cases studied. And now researchers at The… Keep Reading


Police Capture Alleged House Burglar in Ajijic

Officials of the Directorate of Public Security of Chapala (police department) have caught a person alleged to be involved in several house robberies in Ajijic. After several complaints, the police carried out inquiries to find the person alleged to have of committed the robberies. Last Saturday, October 28, the police met with a resident who… Keep Reading

Phones-Cell Phones

False Alerts on iPhone Being Used to Steal Passwords

Although Apple’s iOS software (used by iPhone and iPad) has excellent features, it’s not as safe as we think. A mobile application developer discovered that it is very easy to recreate the login windows of iTunes or App Store in order to trick users, and have them give up their email addresses and passwords. A… Keep Reading

Restaurant Menus

Gosha’s Mexican Panera (Ajijic)

Gosha’s Mexican Panera (Ajijic) Address: Carretera Oriente #24, Ajijic Phone: 376-766-2121 Hours: Breakfast & Lunch: 8:30am to 3pm every day, except closed Tuesdays. Dinner: 4:00pm – 10pm every day, except closed Tuesdays. Credit cards accepted (except American Express)       Keep Reading

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