Meet the Expats

Meet Tom and Patricia Sheehan

Where are you from?P: I’m from Canada. I’ve been here about 2-1/2 years.T: And I’m from Idaho, and I’ve been here about 5 years. Did you meet down here, then?P: Yes, and we got married down here, too – a year ago this last January! Keep Reading


How to Avoid Propane Gas Tank Filling Scams

The gas tank you have on your roof is not for natural gas, but for liquid petroleum gas (LPG). It’s filled by trucks from various gas companies in your community. The price for the gas is set by the Mexican government by region within each state. The best way to determine which gas region you… Keep Reading

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Renting-Real Estate

Moving to Lake Chapala – Housing Considerations

When researching before you arrive, get input from a variety of sources, but take it with a grain of salt. Remember that everybody’s point of reference is different, and what’s perfect for one person might not work at all for somebody else. Your experiences and requirements are your own, and a personal visit is needed… Keep Reading


Are You Up-to-Date With Your US Taxes?

When many US citizens come to Mexico, they’re happy to leave the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) behind. They think they no longer need to file US income tax returns because the Social Security retirement benefits they’re living on are not taxable. It’s no longer quite that simple, according to Marian Wellman, EA, of Taxes in… Keep Reading


The Best Sites for Watching Free US Television

The ability to watch US network and cable TV channels from Mexico has been around for some time. A simple Google search displays dozens of websites from which to watch real-time streaming TV. But as technology, business models, and monetization strategies have evolved, the industry has stratified into several segments. The two primary segments are… Keep Reading

Medical Care

Health Care Directives (Living Wills) Simplified

A living will is simply a document that names a person who should make medical decisions for you if you cannot, and it specifies your medical wishes. There are two kinds of living wills: formal and informal. The informal kind is not legally binding in Mexico, and the formal one is. As you might imagine,… Keep Reading


Conversion Chart for Men’s and Women’s Shoes

Here is a chart for converting men’s and women’s shoe sizes between US sizes, Mexican sizes, and Japanese sizes. Japanese sizes are included because many shoes (like sport shoes) come from Japan, and are labeled with those sizes. Shoes in Mexico can be found using either standard. Keep Reading

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