Pets & Animals

Bringing Your Pets into Mexico

The first four important things to know are that:   1. only dogs and cats are considered pets for the purpose of Mexican border crossing, and   2. if you don’t accompany the pets, they’re considered cargo, for which different rules apply, and   3. rules are different for bringing pets from the US and… Keep Reading

Transito policia
Getting Around

State of Jalisco’s Driving Laws and Fines for 2013

First, the URL to see the laws in Spanish is:  You might want to print a copy of them for your glove compartment, just in case. The following translations into English are kindly provided by Lic. Spencer McMullen, Chapala (attorney and official court translator).  Not all of Jalisco’s driving laws and fines are presented here –… Keep Reading

Checking Visas

Visa – It’s NOT Everywhere You Want to Be

Moving to Ajijic was a fast decision, followed by shopping for the cheapest airfare, and throwing stuff in storage in exchange for the unknown.  It was definitely a risk.  For the past seven years, many people in the United States have been jeopardized by financial instability.  Even having an income is no longer a certainty.… Keep Reading

Mexican Pesos

Walmart Offering Cash back on Debit Cards

Up until a short while ago, I could only get cash back at my local Lake Chapala Walmart if I used Bancomer bank’s El Libreton debit card. The maximum cash back is 2,000 pesos (currently about $153 US). In the past few weeks, I’ve noticed that they’re also offering up to 2,000 pesos cash back… Keep Reading

Electric Plug

Mexico Has Higher Voltage Than US and Canada

While Mexico uses the same electric wall plug configuration used north of the border, Mexico uses 127 volt electricity (sometimes surging to the 140’s) rather than the standard 120 volts used in the US and Canada. I’ve been advised by my electrician not to use the High setting on my hairdryer because the increased volts… Keep Reading

Mexican Immigration

New Immigration Law Causes Confusion

Many details of the new immigration law have yet to be published by the INM (National Migration Institute), causing widespread confusion and concern that many expats may no longer be qualified to stay in Mexico, except as visitors.  Extensive provisions of stay are outlined in the new immigration law for migrant workers and those seeking asylum… Keep Reading


Test Yourself: Is Mexico Right for You?

Everyone has their own specific reasons for leaving Mexico after having lived here for a time, but the most common categories seem to be:       •  health reasons,       •  family and relationships,       •  wanting or needing employment, and       •  inability to adjust well to cultural differences. Keep Reading


What Does a Typical Expat Budget Look Like?

If you’re going to be a new expat in Mexico, the law says you have to show proof of a monthly income of $1,918 USD (using current conversion rates) if you’re single and not planning to work in Mexico. If you’re a couple, add 50% to that, for a total of $2,877 USD for both… Keep Reading

About Us

Our Mission & What it Means to You

Lake Chapala Reporter is a monthly online magazine which serves existing and prospective expats who are visiting or living in the Lake Chapala region of Jalisco, Mexico.  It was founded in December of 2012.  The mission of the magazine is to provide its readers with the unbiased information they need about living in this region. The magazine… Keep Reading

Mexican House
Renting-Real Estate

Is Mexico Still a Buyer’s Real Estate Market?

“Mexico’s real estate market is a reflection of the US real estate market,” according to Richard Tingen, owner of Coldwell Banker Chapala Realty.  His was the first realty in the Lake Chapala area 35 years ago.  Now there are 25 realties, so he has seen a lot of growth and changes.  “Back in the 70’s,… Keep Reading

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