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Mexican Justice System Chaotic in Transition

There are some unexpected consequences to Mexico’s recent US-backed attempts to apply US protections of criminals rights to the 19th century Mexican justice system. Under the US-based system: “… The (GDL police) chief said only 50 arrest warrants have been issued in Guadalajara in the past year and a half — while there are 1,300… Keep Reading

Medical Care/Miscellaneous

Requirements for Bringing Medical Supplies, Equipment, and Drugs into Mexico

When flying or driving into Mexico, travelers are allowed to bring in certain medications, but others are prohibited. It is illegal, for example, to bring in certain common over-the-counter medicines, such as inhalers and some some allergy/sinus medications. Products that contain stimulants are prohibited, specifically medicines that contain pseudoephedrine (such as Actifed, Sudafed, and Vicks inhalers)… Keep Reading


Same Sex Marriage Recognition in Mexican Probate Cases

PracticeAreasThe issue of same sex marriages has been controversial around the world, and no more so than here in Mexico. While the Mexican Supreme Court has stated that people of the same sex have the right to marry, and certain states have eliminated verbiage in their civil codes that would impede same sex marriages, the reality is that it still remains very difficult.

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How Fraccionamientos End Up in Trouble

civilI understand that court cases, both civil and criminal, often take years to finish in Mexico. What do people do in the meantime?

If it’s a criminal matter, it has to go through the proper channels, involving the Ministerio Publico, judges, and courts. So, there’s not much people can do by themselves. But, if it’s a civil matter, like a landlord/tenant dispute, or a neighbor or merchant dispute (not involving fraud, which is criminal), there are things people can do themselves.

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US Lawyers Unlicensed in Mexico Cheating Local Expats

The following is an interview conducted with Chapala attorney Spencer McMullen. I understand that you’ve uncovered some issues regarding US lawyers practicing law here illegally. There are at least two American lawyers in the Lake Chapala area who are practicing law here without Mexican licenses (cédulas). Keep Reading


Attorney General’s Office Training for 2015 Trial System

Representatives of the state and municipal attorney general’s office (Ministerio Publico Fiscalía General) visited expats at the Lake Chapala Society on November 29th. They gave answers to pre-submitted questions regarding their organizational structure, their relationship to various police organizations, their internal procedures, and the procedures for people to follow in order to engage their services… Keep Reading


New Mexican Tax Law: Important Implications for Expats

The following is an interview with Chapala attorney and official court translator Spencer McMullen. Very extensive reforms have been made to Mexico´s tax laws. They were finalized in November, 2013 and will become effective on January 1, 2014. That doesn’t give people a lot of time to prepare, does it? Keep Reading

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